Welcome Craftistas!

Cafè del Craft welcomes ALL crafters no matter your preferred interest whether it be Crochet, Knitting, Fashion Design, Photography or Jewelry Making! If you enjoy a craft then we would love to have you join us as a fellow “Craftista”. Curious what a Craftista is? Just like a Barista at a Cafè, our Craftistas prepare fresh brewed crafts just for you! We take pride in presenting pieces that give the receiver all the comfort and excitement of their favorite cup of coffee. So keep watch for our daily specials on the menu, new blog posts, challenges, tutorials, items for sale and much more!

Cafè del Craft was founded by craftista cousins Tiffany and Amanda in the summer of 2015. We both began crocheting many years ago when our grandmother taught us the basics over summer vacation. Although neither of us continued the beloved craft while in school, both of us have taken it back up and have been improving our skills by self teaching with the help of fellow crafters on the web! We decided that we wanted to share our love of crafts with you, and so we have begun to share our knowledge and products through this website, instagram, facebook, twitter, and pinterest. feel free to follow us on any or all of these platforms we would love to see your craft as well.

Thank you!