Celtic Weave Christmas Stocking Tutorial

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I hope every one’s holiday season is going well! Unfortunately I am late in posting my “how to” on creating the celtic weave christmas stocking that I crocheted for my brother’s family this year. However!, I did not forget to take pictures and notes to document the process, so that I may share with my fellow craftistas.

I quickly fell in love with this stitch as soon as I saw it! Although it was a pain! The end result is definitely worth it.



  • Roughly 375 yards of worsted weight yarn. I used a skein and a half of Lion Brand’s Heartland yarn. Plus you will need enough to make the toe and heel in a separate color, good way to use up scraps.
  • A small amount of fuzzy yarn for the cuff.
  • 5mm hook – to crochet the celtic weave sections
  • 6mm hook – to crochet the toe, heel, and cuff sections.
  • Yarn needle



  • ss: slip stitch
  • sc: single crochet
  • sctog: single crochet decrease
  • scinc:single crochet increase
  • hdc: half double crochet
  • dc: double crochet
  • dctog: double crochet together
  • fptc: front post triple crochet
  • bptc: back post triple crochet


The celtic weave stitch is quite tricky to explain so I will provide links to tutorials that I found useful when teaching myself this style.


Celtic Weave Sections



This stitch is worked in multiples of 4 +2 (and +3 if not using chainless turning stitch) and uses the 5mm hook

to further explain: multiples of 4 is for the celtic weave( In our case this is 4×13=52), +2 for 1 dc stitch on the edges of the row(54 stitches total), +3 for turning chain if not using chainless turning stitch.

For the main section of the stocking you will need to chain 54 and either chain 2 or do a chainless hdc and hdc into each chain for 54 hdc total. You can also do a foundation chain of 54 hdc’s, which is what I chose to do.


Next, you will do a chain less turning stitch or a chain of 3 and do a dc into the first hdc. From here you will follow this pattern…*skip 2 stitches, fptc in next 2 stitches, fptc into skipped stitches*  repeat til one stitch is left, dc.

  • Note: When doing fptc you will cross IN FRONT of stitches made to skipped stitches, and when doing bptc you will cross BEHIND stitches made to skipped stitches.
  • Note: Sometimes the skipped stitches can be difficult to see, in the above picture I have pointed out where they will be. Pink Arrows show the fptc skipped stitches and the blue show the bptc skipped stitches.


For the next row, chain 3 or do a chainless dc and dc into first stitch. Bptc into next 2 stitches. *skip 2 stitches, bptc in next 2 stitches, bptc in the 2 skipped stitches* repeat until 3 stitches remain, bptc in next 2 and dc into final stitch of row.

Repeat these two rows until you reach the desired height. Add 3 rows of dc and fasten off.

Use the same pattern for the foot part of the stocking, but slightly decrease the number of stitches from 54 to 50 and do not add the 3 rows of dc.



To sew the piece together overlap the dc’s on the ends of the rows and sew the edges together, use the “rows” on the back of the piece to weave and sew. Weave the ends of the yarn in once you are satisfied, like the style shown here.



Once the main section is sewn together use your 6mm hook add a layer of sc around the top in the fuzzy yarn, from here do 3 more rows following this pattern * dc in 3 stitches and dctog in next 2* around. Slip stitch around the inside so that the stocking will have a nice finished border once folded down.

To combine the main section to the foot, carefully sew only half way together. Be sure to sew so that the thread is not visible on the outside. Weave in the ends to secure.

  • Note: Be sure to end the foot section on the bptc row so that the stitches fit together with the fptc’s of the main section.


side view of heel opening


Heel and Toe Sections

For the heel and toe you will need to make 2 of the following using the 6mm hook.


Chain 27, turn and sc in each chain. 26 sc total, chain 1 and turn. Continue the following pattern until you have 4 stitches left. *sctog in first 2 stitches, sc across until last 2 stitches, sctog in last 2, chain 1 and turn*

Once you have 4 stitches continue with this pattern. *scinc in first stitch, sc across to last stitch, scinc in last stitch, chain 1 and turn* once you reach 26 stitches again do 1 row of sc in each stitch. Leave enough yarn to sew the sides together, fasten off and sew the edges together.



Now that both pieces look like the above cute lil pouches you can begin to sew them onto the stocking. Turn the stocking inside out and sew the toe piece on. Weave stitch through each sc around.

Be Careful that the sewing yarn does not show through on the front.

This is how it should look on the inside(above picture), on the outside(below picture) of the stocking it should not appear(unless of course, you want a “stitched” look).

Next you will need to stitch on the heel, which can be a bit more tricky. For this part you will need to sew half of the heel onto the foot section and half onto the main section. I found that quickly adding a row of sc(in the same color as that section) onto the foot section before sewing on the heel made it easier, but this is a preference and can be skipped if you choose.


Now all that is left is to turn your stocking right side out, fold down the fluffy top and you’re done! If you want to add a loop to hang your stocking; take your leftover fluffy yarn, and chain 11, turn and sc across, fasten off and sew the loop onto your stocking.



I hope you really enjoy your stocking! and hopefully you found this tutorial helpful. If you do create this stocking be sure to tag it #cafedelcraft on Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest. I would LOVE to see your stocking! I may even feature it on our page.




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