Mi Amor Hat – Crochet Pattern

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I am SO SO SO excited to share with you, my hat pattern for the “Mi Amor” hat. Just in time for you to make one for your love on Valentine’s day.; seriously, this hat look’s difficult but takes no time at all.  One thing I have always loved about knitted items, is the cute lil spec/hearts knitters can easily add to their pieces, About a year ago I tried to replicate this on my own and fell flat on my face; of course, this was before I got into exploring new techniques and watching new stitch videos etc. So I ended making a hat VERY similar to the hat in the pattern but I hand sewed the hearts onto the hat……a moment of silence please…….

Not only did it take FOREVER and wasted sooo much yarn and had so much weaving in to do, the effect was not exactly what I wanted it to be. So, like any craftista should, I thought on it, and I explored different crocheters techniques, and came across a man from “Louie’s Loops” and a pattern for a Star Wars Tie Fighter where he used a double color change so that the top of his stitch row was one color but the V of the stitches were another….*mind blown*  This was the answer to my prayers!! Thanks Louie!  After many attempts I finally worked out the spacing so that the hearts didn’t end up in lines, and thus Mi Amor <3

I will warn anyone that is new to crochet that this hat pattern may be a bit too advanced for someone just starting out. While it may use mainly  single crochet, there are quite a few techniques that are more advanced such as, chain less foundation single crochet (Video Tutorial Here) and a double color change  stitch(Instructions included in pattern). While it should still be easy to follow along given the resources and instructions I have provided within the pattern, just be warned that some part may be difficult and may require assistance.  Feel free to comment below to email me at tiffany@cafedelcraft.com with any questions you may have with the pattern. 

This pattern is no longer free to download, please Click Here to purchase the pattern from my shop.

You can also purchase this pattern from Raverly

Thank you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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