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Hey Craftistas!

This weekend has been quite exciting for us, Café del Craft has officially participated in our first craft fair and it could not have gone more smoothly and successfully! We reached our goal within the first few hours of the show and the rest went beyond expectations.

We must apologize for not giving notice sooner; however, we didn’t officially get a spot til last wednesday afternoon for the craft fair that began that friday! We were rushing and crocheting like crazy to get everything together in time for this show, while juggling a mixture of anxiety and excitement. Much to our delight we were ready to head to the venue and begin setting up two hours before the start of the show, by pure luck we were one of the first to arrive in our area and thus had first pick on the spot to choose. We instantly put our stuff down on the table that was visible from both entrances and began setting up. We pulled the table away from the wall and set it up kitty cornered giving ourselves plenty of room both behind the table and around its entirety. At this point excitement was the dominating emotion and things began to fall into place.

Since it was our first show we did not have many decorations for our table but we made do with what we had brought with us from around our homes, We used our great grandmothers embroidered table cloth to display our craft on, baskets for hats and a smaller basket for business cards. Don’t tell my mom, but we borrowed her glass bowl to display the snowmen in and it worked perfectly! Amanda’s sister Mariah, a beautician, loaned us five heads to display hats on which we propped up with random small boxes under the table cloth. Many people commented how the heads drew their eye to our table and many laughed at the slight creepiness of the heads stares.  

Once we finally had everything displayed we stepped back and looked at our table feeling proud and ready to sell. In our area there were three other vendors, two of whom sold jewelry, and one was the local schools college bound program. We all became friendly with one another quickly and it made the experience even more enjoyable. One vendor was particularly nice to meet, Christi owner and creator of The Pretty Piggy. She was very bubbly and entertaining to talk with, and her jewelry is beautiful! Handmade using polymer clay and resin; you can view her jewelry and visit her facebook here  Melissa was the other jewelry maker, she was very social and caring of others. She crafted many whimsical pieces; however, she does her craft more as a hobby and did not have a social media page to link you to.

There were many other vendors at this event including Café del Craft member Cindy, owner and creator of Dragonfly Creations. She made some truly breathtaking virus shawls and was very lovely to talk to. Many of the other vendors also made jewelry, some made baked goods, some sewed, and one woman was even spinning alpaca yarn. I think there was a large assortment of crafts and the event went beautifully. I want to thank the Grace Congregation Church, of Rutland Vermont, for choosing us to be apart of this craft fair, we could not have asked for a better first experience and can not wait for next year!

I also want to thank my brother Chris, for not only loaning us the money for the table fee, but for also sitting with me when Amanda had to leave for work friday night. Thank you so much! You have supported me, and Café del Craft, since the very beginning. You are the Best!



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