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I am very surprised at how well my previous post on gauge and yarn labels was received, and want to first say Thank You! While nomming the last of my cinnamon toast crunch cereal this morning, I got the idea of making a DIY crochet(and knitting) gauge from the box rather than throwing it out. What started out as me using colored pencils and scissors turned into creating a true to size printout and tutorial on making a quick and simple gauge tool. I must have made 3 different attempts before I perfected the one I am going to show you how to make today.

Gauge Tool

Items you will need:

  • Cardboard that can be measured to 6inch x 6 inch (cereal box, shoe box, large mailing envelope, etc)
  • Café del Craft’s printable gauge templates
  • Scissors and/or paper cutter
  • Glue stick or tape
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tool


All these tools are very commonly found in a home, if you can not print out the templates I have created specially for you do not worry; you can still make a gauge and just draw on the inch markers and designs yourself on regular paper using the measuring tool. Just be sure to cut out the “window” section of the gauge, measure 1 inch from the bottom and side as the margins, then cut the window to be 4 inches in each direction, just like the picture below.


Color Templates:









Step 1: Gather Supplies

DIY Gauge Tools

Make sure you have all the supplies listed above before beginning. The cardboard can be from any box you have not in use, this provides some stability to the gauge, using just paper risks the gauge being damaged very easily. The Café del Craft printable templates do not have to be printed in color, although the color does give the finished product a nice look. I have provided for you an assortment of colors, feel free to comment below if there is a color you really wish to be added to the color options. For scissors, any will do but I highly suggest ones with a more pointed tip for detailed cutting. A paper cutter, like one used in scrapbooking, would also be a very useful tool for getting neat and precise cuts. Any sort of adhesive will do as well, I personally feel glue stick or double sided tape will work best in this specific project. Finally a pencil and measuring tool are very important in getting the correct dimensions for our diy gauge project, these tools can also be used in measuring your own inch marks if you are not able to print out the appliques.


Step Two: Cut out the Café del Craft printable gauge templates and cardboard


These printouts measure 6 inch x 6 inch, so you will not be able to fit them on one page nor will you be able to print them 2 sided. Cut your piece of cardboard to match the printouts.


Step Three: Cut out the gauge window and glue on the printouts.

Gauge Assembling

This section can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Glue on the printouts being sure to line up the gauge windows, this is very important. Once the glue has dried, begin cutting out the whited out “window” area carefully.
  2. Cut out the whited out area on each print out, as well as, measuring and cutting out an area on the cardboard according to the same dimensions. Allow for a 1 inch margin then measure 4 inches horizontal and vertical, this window should be 1 inch in thickness.


I personally preferred method 1, though I did try both.


Step Four: Clean up and Enjoy!

Gauge Tool Side 1 Gauge Side 2

I truly hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it for you! If you make your own gauge using this tutorial I would be ecstatic if you tagged me on social media #cafedelcraft so I can see the finished product! If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment below or message me at


Until next time #Craftista



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