Crochetpedia ~ introduction

Welcome Craftista’s!

I have thought long and hard about what I can blog about, here on Café del Craft, that will not only help beginners but also the more seasoned crocheters who may be looking for new tips and tricks. As a result, I have come up with a crochet series that will feature a new topic every week to help the new and the old in sharpening their skills. My hope is to provide a one stop resource so you can easily and quickly answer all your questions and get back to your project. While researching and exploring the internet to bring you all of this information, I noticed that many individual sources give tips  but most do. Ot provide a large quantity of information in one location. Over the course of this series we will be building, for you, that resource. 

As of now, we have the next four weeks mapped out and in progress; beginning with very beginner information such as: determining gauge, yarn label symbols and informatin, foundations of a project, single crochet and amigurumi, and taller crochet stitches. While these topics may seem very basic and, honestly, boring to more experienced crocheters, I believe that all will benefit from the overview. I am excited to begin this journey and hope that you are as well. 


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