More Yarn!

As some of you may have seen on my instagram yesterday, I purchased quite the haul of yarn from Michael’s Craft store for a steal! I got over 10,000!!!!!! yards of yarn for less than $40.00 usd. Each package was 1,060 yards for roughly 2.50 with my 20% off coupon, certainly made me a happy craftista. However I must note that this would not have been possible without my older brother Chris, whom was with me while shopping and was actually the one who discovered the sales section. He urged me to stock up and payed for half of the total cost, he now refers to himself as an investor in Cafè del Craft 😛

I can’t wait to get started on crafts with this yarn so I can add some new items to the shop for all to enjoy and even some patterns for my fellow craftistas!

Got my coffee and I’m ready to Crochet 🙂


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